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Harvest Ball

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This story goes back to my years on the farm when after the crops have been harvested the town has a big party celebrating the harvest. It was a cold October night all the crops from growing season had been harvested and it was now time for the annual ball' This event is planned yearly it is a way for the town to come together after a bountiful harvest. My mother yelled at the top of her lungs for me to hurry up she didn't want to miss the blessing of the crops by the minister i on the other hand had other ideas. This is the one day when all the farm girls actually look like grown women n… Read more

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My Wife Mallory and I Move to Alabama PT2

Interracial Sex

When my wife Mallory woke up from her name after she learned how Juba wanted her to help clean her ex husband cletus she glowingly got out of bed. It was like she was rejuvenated and full of life. “Mal can we talk about what Juba has you doing at work and what happened today ?” I asked “Sure babe . Oh my god I’m starving” Mal replied “Yea I just don’t think I like that job Juba has you doing . “ I confided “It’s certain a tough job I don’t know how to do it or even what I’m doing . Like I have no idea how this man wants hi… Read more

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He came in my wife!!


Our adventures started on our second date, which is the one I am going to relate to you now. Sue went out with a friend, Anne and her boss, Sean. The outing had been arranged for sometime and as it was a booked show I was not able to attend. Sue and Anne are leggy blondes with good bodies and Sean is just a normal looking bloke…I am no stunner but fit and clean. Anyway we were going to meet at the pub around the corner from the show. I arrived around 9pm and grabbed a table and a schooner of new. A couple of hours and several schooners later they arrived, fairly well hammered themselves. Se… Read more

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SOCCER MOMS Part 1 After having brought up her daughter by herself for the last 15 years, Sheila was rather good at it. Her husband had left her with a 3-year-old daughter. He went for some milk with the car and never came back. Neither did the car. Sheila’s daughter Linda was into a lot of sports. She was attractive, well-built and lots of fun. She was a little older than most of the girls in her class since she had missed most of one year after a skiing accident. Sheila was nearly 40, middle height, brunette with hair down to her shoulders and often tied in a ponytail. She had a pleasant fac… Read more

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First job

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Frank and Chris were on their own since Chris’s mom walked out when he was young. Chris grew up a loner, always bouncing from trailer park to trailer park. They were the definition of white trash. In his free time he sat in his room reading hentai and magna, surfing the internet usually looking at porn. He was failing all his classes and had adhd. Being a weird k** already he only wore women’s panties as underwear. He stole them from franks girlfriend’s. Frank was in his 40’s. He couldn’t hold a job continuously, he worked construction, roofing and at gas stations. He had a drinking problem… Read more

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Anal for some cigarettes

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It was Monday afternoon when Dani decided to go for a bike ride. Dani was 30, working in a small town, living alone in a small apartment…it wasnt great but it was all he need it. He loved to go out in nature, take his hammock, a few beers, role a few cigarettes and just chill. There was a good spot for this from where you could see the whole town, and being Monday the chance to see someone was so little. So he made his bag and went out. As he got to the spot, opened a beer and drink it all….ahh it was so good…looked down on the small town, it was so pretty. He didn’t meet anyone on the trail g… Read more

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Speedo Fantasy Lived Out

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I was to be leaving for overseas for quite some time and have a few mates I chat to online who are way into speedos like I am. I have over nninety different pairs and love wearing them everyday for swimming and as underwear. I have always been into them after having been in surf club as a junior, played rugby league and wore speedos and footy shorts as much as I could. I have heaps of different brands and colours. One of my online chat buddies wanted to meet up before I left. We had met online over a year ago and he would put on some hot cam shows for me in his different speedos and we would… Read more

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Two Women One True Love


Jeff Parker had been out of college for two years with his masters in IT. He worked for AEY a Dot Com, that had diversified into all areas of computing. AEY was so diverse they didn’t even feel the Dot Com crash. Jeff was summoned to JJ Anderson’s office, the company’s owner and CEO, he was given a project to look into developing the next generation Spreadsheet. A month later Jeff was sent from Boston to Silicon Valley to attend a two week think tank seminar covering all phases of computing. This was a huge seminar with hundreds of people attending. Jeff registered into his hotel on Sunday… Read more

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Ana walking inside the local ABS...


I parked around the corner of the adult book store and got out of the car; I then leaned back in to confirm our plans with Anita. She would follow me inside the place after five minutes. I looked down at my sensual wife, enjoying the sight of her hot slutty outfit she was wearing: a tight black mini skirt, a sheer white blouse, dark stockings and a pair of very sexy stilettos. Of course, no bra and no panties at all… It was still late afternoon and I found the store was a bit crowded. I moved around looking at some of the items, like many of the other men were doing there. I took a position a… Read more

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Woke up a Virgin, Fell asleep a Woman

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I was sprawled out on the floor, toying my clit, and waiting for cancer to take the Kardashian family. I recently turned, eh, let’s make it a solid 18, and now was as good a time as any to have my kitten scratched. I considered Craigslist for a moment, but I am a spontaneous type of girl, so I slipped into my Crocs and walked across the street to the Adult Theater. I extended the sleeve of my Hello Kitty hoodie over my hand, and cautiously tried the door. Locked. It wasn't until I had tried the remaining 7 doors on the blinded-out facade of the structure, that I finally noticed the faded hand… Read more

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Finding Jimena's black toy...

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My sweet niece Jimena had come from Buenos Aires to visit us and she would stay some days at home with Victor and me. It was a very warm afternoon in summer and I was home alone, since my hubby was at his office and Jimena had gone out with some new friends she had met since she had arrived here. I got stripped totally naked and went out to the back yard, to get some tanning by the pool. After a while I felt I was scalding myself under the sun; so I decided to make some laundry. I picked up in a basket some used shirts from hubby and some other clothes of mine. I then went to the guest roo… Read more

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Exploring Jasper - Chapter 2

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It was more than a week later, on Saturday morning, when Jasper called again. “Michael”, he asked, “can I come over again today?” “Of course, Jasper!”, I answered enthusiastically. “What time do you think you will be here?” “I’m kind-of on my way already”, Jasper said. “Okay, then I guess I will see you soon.” I heard him say “Uh-huh”, and then the connection ended. About ten minutes later, a soft knock on the door announced his arrival. “Good morning Jasper!”, I greeted him, and felt a surge of affection for the boy as he smiled back timidly. “Have you had breakfast yet?”, I asked. He… Read more

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The Massage Special


It was actually an early birthday gift from my best friend. Pam knew I had been pretty stressed and wanted to give me something that would help with it. She gave me the gift card, and told me that it would cover any type of massage they offered. Then she told me that when I go in, make sure you tell them you want the special. They will know what you're talking about. Everything is covered in the coupon, including the tip. All you have to do is go in and come out more relaxed than you have ever been. When I went to the parlor, I was looking forward to the treatment that Pam promised would h… Read more

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Nephews and Wife 3


After the 5 am blow jobs by wife on me and the boys, we all slept until 11 am, I got up put on boxers, yelled at boys to get up, let's get the truck unloaded. Made coffee then dressed and started. Took us an hour to unload and told boys to shower and dressed and we will hit Ocean City for brunch. I moved truck to main parking lot and when I walked back into house, heard squealing,laughter and stop that, went upstairs and found Alexis in shower with both boys, getting soaped up, front,back, tits , pussy and ass she said she was in shower and they stripped and got in with her, both had hard ons… Read more

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I'am Addicted to Her Pussy Cream

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It started by accident one love making session, certain times of the month or maybe it's just when my wife is super horny she puts out a thick white cream that coats my dick and balls. I have an average size penis but I one very rare ability for a male, I can usually cum 4 to 5 times during any of our love making sessions, that's right I can have multiple orgasms. My wife can almost always handle our sex life but occasions she wants me to cum faster as she gets sore or she gets tired of my banging her pussy. So she has a few tricks, the first is she pulls on my nipples gentle and hard that al… Read more

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First time fucking a prostitute

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-finali is over!! Alex says after a hard day at work. He was the last one in, all his co-workers were gone, now to go home have a few beers, a movie and go to sleep….a blowjob would be good to but he didn’t have a girlfriend ore a friend with benefits, he was all alone….life wasn’t easy, couldnt remember when was the last time he got a good fuck or a handjob, only porn and self satisfaction was his option. As he was walking to his car the only thing on his mind was a warm mouth ore pussy on his cock.. -man I wold love to fuck someone…he said, turning the key and starting the car. It was a 3… Read more

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I Cheated with a BBC PT3

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The rest of my day went as normal; husband and daughter came home, I made dinner, and we did our usual nightly things until we all went off to our own rooms to go to bed. My husband, tired as he usually was during the workweek, fell asleep rather quickly, leaving me sitting up browsing my phone. I just was unable to sleep, as I had thought of my relationship with Jerome on my mind. So I used my phone to research more about the type of relationship I had with him, and found quite a bit of info about married white woman falling for strong black lovers. Some of it was fantasy, but also some seeme… Read more

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Chapter TWO The beginning of a New Friendship Jake had come back to the dorm room to find Toby gone. After taking a piss, he checked out the room again and then saw the envelope on his bed. After reading what was written on the envelope, he began to open it, figuring Toby had found some cool stuff on his journey around the campus; boy was he about to be surprised. Jake screamed out when he saw the first of the five photos in the envelope. He quickly looked around to try and see a camera, he couldn’t. He then saw the note and picked it up and read it: Dear roommate Jake, Hi Jake… Read more

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Return from my aunts part 2


Return from my aunts part 2 We lay together for some time, dozing and gently caressing one another, nowadays I doubt she had climaxed but my inexperience…well… you know how it is! Quietly she whispered “look you have tonight and tomorrow and that night and dad gets home on that next morning, I am yours till then but , we must sleep at least a bit…and just before he gets home you must leave me well filled, he likes to poke me soon after he gets in, he has no refinement and he just slams it in regardless, he calls it ‘his home from the sea rights’! He knows he has allowed me to sleep with you t… Read more

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my foot and red toes lover


I was asked by a friend if I would come over and take care of a hard problem he had one morning. I new what his problem was and told him I would get dressed and be over in a short time. I went into the bathroom and got in the shower and then took a nice hot shower shaved my cock and balls and also did my legs and chest. I got out the special shower head and then used it to make sure my ass was nice and clean for him and then went into the bedroom and got dressed for him. I first touched up my toes and then put on a garter belt and nylons along with a nice open cup bra. I got out my special mai… Read more

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